Australia Fund Money Jar - Black
Australia Fund - Piggy Bank
Australia Fund - Piggy Bank
America Fund Jar - Piggy Bank

    Australia Fund Money Jar - Black

    £ 10.99 GBP

      Pounds, dollars, euros, yen, krona, rupees, baht - what matters isn’t what form your change takes, but where it can take you…

      Key Features

      • Gold style screw lid to keep your money safe
      • Crisp, clear money slot on top
      • Curved glass jar with hand-crafted quality vinyl finish, perfect for an extra special gift

      Let's Get Practical

      Height: 18cm (approx. 7 inches) - how much money can you squeeze in to 18cm?

      Width: 9.5cm (approx 3.5 inches) - fits perfectly on most shelves alongside a picture of your dream location

      And once you’re back from your travels…

      Fill your jar with tickets, stubs and mementos to make a keepsake jar…

      …Or you could start saving for your next adventure!



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