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Quirky Campers: Things You Need To Know Before Renting A Home On Wheels

After searching for campervan hire companies for our 2020 staycation, we stumbled across Quirky Campers. We soon got lost in reading blogs about post-lockdown travel and the Camp Quirky Festival, so we knew this was the company we'd go for. 


Quirky Campers has been around since 2013. Their website has a whole host of information about hiring a van, from basic FAQs for first-timers through to introducing a dog to van life.

After some more reading, we realised that this was essentially an airbnb for campervans - we'd hit the jackpot!

Quirky Campers are true to their name; this is not your standard RV rental company. With an interest of one day converting our own camper, we knew we'd find something from their 100+ vans.

Searching for The One

When searching for a van, the first criteria you can enter is dates. We had a period of a couple of weeks to play with, so we filtered by date once we shortlisted some vans that we liked. However, if you're limited with your availability, searching by date is a great way to only see what's available when you are, and avoid disappointment later on!

There is an excellent filtering system, which means you can search by distance from your home to the van, indoor/outdoor shower, toilet, bike rack, or even heating and solar power availability!

They also have pre-set categories, so you can look specifically for pet-friendly vans, or even those with a wood burner for those braving the cold Winter nights. 

We were pretty set on having a toilet and shower on board, so we applied those filters and got busy looking up all of the available options. 

Olive - Quirky Campervans

Olive - Quirky Campers


Prices do vary depending on the facilities within the van. A fully off-grid van with shower, toilet and solar power is likely to cost more than a basic alternative. Interior quality also plays a part here - every single van is unique in its own way, but the higher quality the inside is, the higher the price you'll pay.

The price you are quoted includes:

  • Full comprehensive insurance for up to 3 drivers
  • Breakdown cover
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Cooking gas (if applicable)

Something we really liked about Quirky Campers is their transparent pricing. There were no hidden booking fees or added extras later on. Everything was clear, including the deposit which is taken at the point of booking.

View of the English Channel from campervan

The Process

The booking process with Quirky Campers was really easy. We booked through the website, and then emailed Quirky Campers directly with some questions we had beforehand. We weren't 100% sure if it was the owners of the van or a staff member from Quirky Campers, but either way we received excellent and quick customer service. 

You are required to complete various forms and send them off basically ASAP, up to a week before your booking is due to start. Again, this is all made very clear and because we had done everything beforehand, picking up was simple!

On The Day

Once we arrived at the van location, we met the owner and were given a tour of all the tips, tricks and how-to's for our van. We then exchanged numbers in case we had any van-specific issues, and off we drove!

It was mentioned in the van listing that we could leave our car with the owners in the van's parking space during our rental. The owner did ask for our car keys, in case of any alarms going off etc. We did have initial concern about this, but ultimately decided that it was a good idea. However, if you are really not keen on leaving your car keys with a stranger (fair enough!) I'd recommend discussing this in advance to make sure both you and the owner are happy.

Olive at the beach

The Verdict

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Quirky Campers, not only for their service and ease of use, but for their ethos and overall contribution to the #VanLife community. Trigger Warning: we thought van life might not be as good as it looked on Instagram, and we regret to inform you that actually, it's better....