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Interrailing 101: Your passport to Europe

World wide travel has been decimated throughout 2020 and we're already looking forward to next year's adventures. What better way to start than right on our doorstep - that's right, we're talking about a European Adventure. It's never been as easy to discover the Continental cultural delights than by train with an Interrail pass. 

Never heard of one? Put simply, it's a train ticket that can get you on board almost any train and take you all the way across Europe. This pass allows you to see incredible countries and save money at the same time - it also means you get to see a lot more of a country than just the airport!

The pass

Interrail offer three types of pass; one country, global or premium. These are available in either digital or paper formats.

Wanting to explore France? You’ll want the single country pass. 10 countries in 20 days (which we do not recommend FYI!)? Global pass is where it’s at. Prices start at just £48 for a one country pass and £194 for a global country pass. Make sure you check the list of valid countries to ensure your bucket list country is included!

Using the pass couldn't be easier, especially when using the Interrail app to plan the trains you want to catch. Once you've made it onto the train you will need to write the train information onto your ticket - there's plenty of empty boxes to fill. If you have a Mobile Pass, you can add journeys from the app’s planner to your mobile Pass before you board, then show your mobile ticket to the inspector.

If you're looking to get one of the many high-speed or sleeper trains, a reservation may be required - we recommend doing this as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

Hallstatt, Austria. Photo by Martin Katler

What to expect

The best part of an Interrail trip is the freedom the pass gives you. Wake up and decide you want to swim at the beach? No worries. Head to the train station and catch the next train to the coast. Alternatively, you can plan ahead to make sure your itinerary is packed full of European adventure.

The views from train windows are what your Instagram dreams are made of. From Bavarian cottages to Dutch windmills and sprawling metropolitan cities to pristine mountain lakes you are guaranteed to see unforgettable sights.

As well as being much more environmentally friendly than flying, interrailing is an experience in itself. From the high-speed, modern TGVs of France to the questionable sleeper trains of Croatia, you never quite know what you’re going to be boarding – which is half of the fun! 

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