Escape Campervan at Monumemnt Valley, USA

5 Reasons To Hire An Escape Campervan

1. Clear & Concise

With Escape, it’s clear what you’re getting for your money. Their daily rate includes 100 miles per day, basic insurance, all bedding/blankets etc. and standard liability insurance. This is all clearly explained on their website, which is also really user friendly and easy to navigate – perfect after hours of researching!

2. Van Size

We hired a Maverick, and although it felt huge to us compared to a typical UK car, it fit seamlessly into most parking lots and on-street parking spaces – the only thing to watch out for is the height restrictions in some multi-storey car parks!

The vans also easily fit into the car parking space for most ‘tent pitches’ in campsites, meaning that you can get pitches from around $10 per night. Some tent pitches also include electricity, which is a huge saving compared to an RV pitch with the same amenities!

Sat around campfire at Mather Campground, Grand Canyon National Park

A tent pitch at Mather Campground, Grand Canyon National Park 

3. Home On Wheels

With the cooking and fridge facilities in the back of the campervan, you can pull over on some of the most scenic roads in the world, grab an ice cold drink and make you and your travel buddy a grilled cheese sandwich.

Kitcen area of Escape Campervan with California palm trees in the background 

Everything but the kitchen sink. Oh wait...

4. Under 25? Not A Problem!

Escape don’t charge extra for under-25s. Most companies (including pretty much all car hire companies in the US!) have surcharges if one or more drivers is under 25, but Escape don’t charge extra making them a big contender if you’re lucky enough to be under 25!


5. They Look Awesome!

There’s no denying that Escape Campervans look really cool. You often get a choice of van design when you pick up your van, and you’re guaranteed to be stopped on you travels by admirers asking if you painted it yourself! All vans come equipped with several leaflets (excellent idea Escape!) so you can pass on your experiences whilst on the road.